Monday, July 7, 2014

Tent Living by Choice

Not true for everyone, but for some, a nice, big, well-sealed, waterproof tent is preferred to some shelters here which are little more than four walls and a roof - actually, no roof.  Some families have acquired tents as a sort of "second home," which they can and do place in "prime" locations - near a school or church, for example - with proprietor's consent.

This is in Kreyol - I should add subtitles?  I am in the tent belonging to the head of school and local pastor, with his nieces - whose father is dead.  They stay with Pastor Djon now, their mother is trying to find something to do to get by in the capital...he explains she will buy  fruits and produce in Darbonne (Dabon) and peddle in it LaVil (Poprens - Port au Prince).  The girls in the video are eating "lam" (breadfruit, and Pastor Djon offers me some...but I have lost my appetite.  The girls share - observe!

What Woman Wants (God Wants): Women of the Mountains of Haiti