Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Haiti Does Happy!

Yes, we draw, dream, sing!

SUN CITY ALSO RISES From city streets to ravaged hillsides, Haitian youth take to dancing with Madame Randy and Daniella, Toma, Pastor Dieudonne and...a cast of singers and dancers that can't be, er, beat!

The link to our Popping Corn - try it!


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Making a Way Out of No Way - "Enposib" se pa ayisyen

Without a complete mortar-and-pestle...

...My neighbor, Madam Margo, gets by.
She'll come up with some fine grained salt for us, one way or another

And, up the road a bit, at Dekles' home, a corn cob substitutes for a the robinette that the family cannot yet afford for their dwoum.

They could not (yet) find wood to build a platform to raise the dwoum.  Families who built a platform, and a rain gutterm and could cover the cost (300 goudes) of a robinette, 
were given a dwoum by our non-profit, www.ifpigscouldflyhaiti.  The Dekles family had received a small dwoum last summer, and hoped to improve on it.  The drilled hole was, literally, a small start.  And problematic.

Below, the simple solution to water storage...Not as sexy as pumping with solar power,  but then...The faucet is damn handy!  Note the fancy tin rain drain here at Project Base.  This was truly life-changing, as I can personally testify.  Hand-washing, doing dishes, bits of laundry...even, when plentiful, some water for nurturing seedlings.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The seed they sow...

A tribute to Mariejo and to the teams of Stanford students she led and cheered, in the hills of Haiti.
In Memoriam
"May the one whose spirit is with us in every righteous deed, be with all who work for the good of humanity
and bear the burdens of others...
and take the friendless into their homes.

Stanford student team dances the distance

Goats at dawn with kids...yawn...

Mariejo shells beans, ruins manicure, listens to neighbor, Magali.

So this is how it went: we lived with the people, they took us into their homes, they shared their lives.

Take a bath once a week whether you need it or not...

Hike way up to Fort Kampon, 2001

"May the work of their hands endure,
and may the seed they sow bring abundant harvest." (text by Chaim Stern)

A harvest...