Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Few are aware of the impact and extent of destruction in the remote hills of Haiti, Zoranje zone, 6eme seksyon Leyogan. No flooding but high winds, mud blocking the paths and recently-created road, stranding the community for more than a week. The River Momance ran high, so route to Dabon was impassable. Livestock, roofs, homes gine. No loss of life, just the challenge for the living to go on, and pick up the pieces.

Travay agronome - Bos Andre, agriculture technician at work

Before the storm, in August, Bos Andre and our neighbors loaded up compost, kaka bet from Liswa's mule park and built a pepinye a l'air - a raised-bed nursery for seeds.  They put in tomatoes, beets, peppers and...success!