Sunday, January 23, 2011


Koka Kola will soon be more readily available, CHILLED, as new ti biznis is funded in the mountain zone, Zoranje, 6eme seksyon, Leogane.

Prestige beer might also be sold. Cold. So, our visitors might look forward to that. No more warm beer!

Water, on the other hand, remains problematic.

If the soda pop enterprise is successful, we may soon be bathing with coca cola, and using it to wash dishes and babies...

Mezanmi, the If Pigs Could Fly Haiti - Access to Water project up in the mountain zone is on hold for the moment.

*One sos is dry, one is 2000 meters from the school and church and soccer field, and the other is 500 meters down, possibly requiring more of our solar pump than it can handle.

*No, my friends, there will not be a helicopter drop. "If Pigs Could Fly - Haiti" will have the pump and all materials schlepped up the traditional Haitian way...Respecting not only traditions, but job creation.

Rotary Club, Port au Prince? If you can lend us a hand with this, please let us know? Some questions for you: Are there solar powered pumps for water available in PAP? What do they, er, run?

We can support: PVC, UV treated PVC, a pump, and the work effort. Anybody with boots and troops on the ground ready to collaborate with Toma and the gang "upstairs"?

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