Sunday, August 31, 2014

Childhood in Haiti - Sometimes, it's About Playing a Bad Hand Well

Crazy Eights! Very popular, and teaches categories (sports, fruit, transportation) and English

Childhood in Haiti - Sometimes, it's about playing a bad hand well.
Lowest number takes all.

And the winner is...
Counting to three and -
This summer's exploration of activities for Early (and Middle) Childhood Education led to many discoveries.  With card games and innovations, we tackled Concept Building, in Kreyol (for me), in English (for kids), learning (for all).
Stuffing that little face
Childcare and learning about others' needs during childhood!  Bring these lessons home!
That's Dieula's baby with mashed rice on face.  Dieula - is she 20 already?! - is off to fetch water.  The girls insisted on this photo.  Gotta win those hearts and minds, so...

Mancala with coffee beans on the patio, if you please
Makilange makes her move...

Jezilen replies...

Goliath is ready to attack those zwazo

"There was a farmer had a dog..."
"...and BINGO was his name - Oh!"
"B-I-N-G-0...was his name."

The Sove brothers - en route to porting a casket at a funeral, so they won't put on their "good" shirts till later.  Marie-Josee remains here with me.

Begging for a photo...

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