Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ti travay

I'm trying to remember that wonderful Kreyol proverb about work..."Nampot travay ki pa nourri met li" -? Is that right?

It was translated as "Any decent work is good work..." or something like that - and when you look at the shortage of ways and means to earn goudes in Haiti, you begin to get the full meaning of the words.

Preparing coffee is a major undertaking - a paid job for a lucky person in the summers, even if I am the only one on the team who MUST have coffee in the morning - and later in the day as well.,

Kafe - essential, and another possibility for paid work for a family in the Mon Bouton/Bo Kano region.
With kokoye and sik, Madame Inez is happily in business.  Our tiny non-profit,, keeps her going.

Caring for livestock is hard work
- a major investment of  time and energy that hopefully pays off - down the road.  In the meantime, everyone tightens the already-tightened belts.

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