Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jaden pou toulemonde!

Kiltivate Premye Klas!
Last summer we sowed the, cleared the land, readied the soil, burned some brush and followed Mesye Nelis, first-class gardener and tiller of soil in our mountain zone.

Gwo gwo betrav!
Gwo gwo chou!
The cement tank, storing water from the spring, does need maintenance and cleaning. Nelis monitors and maintains water quality and smooth running of the apparatus.

Met Toma arranges the flexible solar panels and adjustable tripods.

Carrots, among other vegetables, need reliable watering.  For that, Mesye Nelis tapped into our tank, our solar powered pumps, and some 400 feet of kawachoute, aerated hose as well...

And everyone works, everyone helps, young and old.
Hard worker, hungry worker
Input from the mountain community

Ti Eli is a valuable member of our team

Gran Dodo gets it done!

Everyone works, mwen menm tou!

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