Saturday, June 4, 2016

Problem at the Pump! Help Keep us Afloat on Mon Bouton

"If Pigs Could Fly - Haiti" 's BIG collaborative effort with the community has been the solar powered pump system, designed to improve access to water at a distant - down and distant - spring.

Water is pumped up from the Ouache Ouache - "Wash Wash" (!) to a cement tank  (shown in later photos) closer to households sprinkled on the hillside.  Is this a time-saver?  Maybe.  But, it is definitely a calorie saver! The women and children who are the usual water bearers do not have to expend as much energy to bring water to their homes.  In this region, where food is not taken for granted and harvests are uncertain, malnutrition is rife.  Our team is tackling the food crop issue as well, with irrigation hoses running to a small vegetable garden. Pumping water uphill is more than effective, it has been life-changing.

That is, until rust began eating away at one of the pumps.  We need to get a replacement.  Yesterday.

All of us will be grateful to all of you if you can Go Fund Me so's we can get another pump from Shur Flow on Amazon for $600.00 and schlepp it as a carry on next month!
Our "Water Master," Nelis, on his TDY, checking the two panels and pumps.
Nelis displays the pump with a rust problem. It's serious. Very.

Nelis investigating the second pump

Testing, testing, testing

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