Friday, December 24, 2010

On Donder and Blitzen! On Brooklyn, On Queens, Manhattan and Bronx!!

Ho, ho, ho! On Brooklyn, On Queens, Manhattan and Bronx! On Staten Island, all boroughs! On Donder and Blitzen, Long Island, then some!

Ho Ho Ho! Memsi, Miami! Ak Boston!

Dear Santa and Diaspora Friends and tout blan zanmi peyi dAyiti:

All’s I want for Christmas is water access for a community of 800 in the hills of rural Haiti! And, maybe a partridge in a pear tree…

Between you and me, I have at least 600+ Friends and Fans on FB. If only ½ of them shared a ten spot, we could get a pump for water access! If another ½ gave a ten spot, we could get PVC piping, cement and materials ported up the mountain to Brothers Abraham School, where the water could be pumped and piped.

That’s all, folks!

Try and Make Merry:

And please, Don't worry, if you and friends are not able to help - we will carry (literally) on...

Where there's a will, there's a Haitian, carrying on!

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