Thursday, April 28, 2011


Environmental Education at 3500 feet and climbing

Our summer program featured the science of the great outdoors.  We endeavored explore the diverse habitats and wildlife.  The "Bug Club" set out to identify bugs, beetles and butterflies.

Here, 10 year-old Sonel shows off his prize, a praying mantis.  

Later, some of us make the climb to the pinnacles of Fort Kampon - and had hands bitten by red ants to prove it!

The Bug Club students and visitors took a hike to the Niagara Falls of Zoranje, the most splendiferous source of water within a rage of 30 kilometers.  Hiking there is no walk in the park, believe me.  But it is very rewarding once you arrive.

Afterwards, Dieulifait draws in his sketchbook. Below is our friendly neighborhood tarantula, making an unexpected house call.  oops!  Of all the diverse habitats, the tarantula is most at home...with us!

Where does all this learning take place?  Our outdoor laboratory is located at 3500 feet, gorgeously overlooking the plain of Leogane.  Here is one view from the school.

We continue to explore local habitats for some of humanity.  Join us? Support us at

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