Monday, April 11, 2011

Music by Boukman Eksperyans and Stanford alum's Film "My Mountain"

The film that started it all!

I always thought of Marie Josee's award-winning film, produced during her freshman year at Stanford, as a cross between Anne Frank's diary in Haiti and Gidget goes to Haiti. The 22 min. film has moved thousands of audiences and was the impetus behind Stanford's student organization Moving Mountains. This group developed into our small non-profit --- we put the "non" into "non-profit," believe me!


  1. This film is a simple yet sad display of the creative minds that go untapped in a society dilapidated by poverty and a poor public sector. It is sad to see and hear how many of the people actually abandon the mountains to run to the city only to be greeted by disillusionment and more hardship. Nonetheless, this film speaks volumes of the changes that need to take place and the need for the health and education sector to work together in elevating the plight of the poor. Thank you for this film, it was beautifully done.

  2. Thank you Kathia! Please share with any and all...all need to work together with this community, and gazillions others like it, for DIGNITY, microfinanced entrepreneuism and community developments (rebuild the school, for example.) We're at and we deliver!