Tuesday, May 17, 2011


HARD TIMES:  The Mule has died. Getting supplies up to the team is ever more problematic.

This is a severe blow to the community and the fledgling Mamba project, our "Mamas Making Mamba" peanut butter effort which provides work for 5 people and feeds 120 school children per day.

We have already received donations for about 1/3 of the cost (total cost about $600) to replace the mule, and the community will kick in a share as well.

Sple, pense ede nou ak pwojet sa-a? Bet ede kominote nan mon anpil anpil.  Nou deja jwen mwatye pou achte lot milet, epi kominote ap patisipe osi.

Please consider lending us a hand with this?  The price of one dinner out from half of Haiti Next Door's neighbors and friends will make this a done deal.

I'm wondering how best to help.  And I am wondering why I am wondering, when it is all so obvious - isn't it?

Toma sent this email this morning:   "Mwen fèk fè yon defisi. Mwen te gen yon bèt ki te Pou ede mwen  Pou mwen vwayaje , epi ede klotid pote chaj, lè li ale fè mache , li te ede nou pote pistach Pou pwojè manba tou ; li mouri. Sa frape mwen anpil. .viv nan monn San yon milèt oubyen yon cheval , Se gwo pwoblem Pote chay sou tèt. Respè Pou ou..."

I'm here in California, in cozy comfort, with a car that runs - just some anxieties about the rising gas prices - and, well, I just wish I was not so alone with this mule problem, that's all.

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