Monday, May 2, 2011

Sing! From Every Mountain Side, Voices Ring

Not because of the gold on the walls
does the light of the sanctuary shine forth,
but because of the spirit within.

- They Build the Tabernacle - Exodus 35:4-29 Ruth Brin

Evocative, irresistible
In the moment, with Him/Her
It had just stopped raining.  On a tin roof, rain makes a din and all we can do is sit in silence.

I hear...what is that?  Incredible chanting, angels' voices, singing. The music is wafting across the lakou, past the rubble and broken cinder blocks of the mountain's Episcopal Church - it never was finished, even before the earthquake finished it off.

I follow this...unbelievable song... to the one remaining sturdy school building. Peer in with me, bear with me this raw footage (I should reduce it to sound simply) -- peer in and listen. The link below is a short clip of the choir at the Episcopal Church, Mon Bouton.  It's one of the three churches that line the path - now, a road - up from La Rivye to our zone. Apologies for the videography, they shook me to my foundations.

There's the choir master, and the sound like a metronome. There's dedication, spirit, commitment and harmony.  What more do we need, friends?

We are in the mountains of rural Haiti, a few months post earthquake, up at 3500 feet, no roads, no shoes, no water unless you carry it 30 min. on your head from somewhere up or down, no electricity, occasionally there's fuel for a generator the pastor might crank up for a major soccer game on a tiny TV.

And still they sing!

Those who worship carry away with them
more than they bring
for they find there the light to illumine
their lives.
- Ruth Brin

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