Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day in the Life - Mountain Home

Some days - most days - it was just like this. Languid afternoons. What food there was, was eaten. After that, we sat around and listened to music, kibbitzed - made small talk - charged cell phones and flashlights with small solar panels.

It's a "happening" place.

The sewing class was held here, Gran's is the place where the sewing machines are kept. The students were not careful and the machines were in need of repair. Sewing machine oil is on the shopping list.

In the video are: Evelor, mother of the new arrival, 2 month old Samuelson, Gran Dodo, Madame Karolis - she of the clean plate club - her oldest son and mainstay of the household, Ti Eli. With the radio glued to her head like teenagers everywhere is 14 year old Minooche. Gran's place is notable for its chicken coop and a demo site for the traditional skills of pounding rice from husks. The baby is feverish, Evelor has frequent headaches and they start to try and wean Samuelson with some mashed-up rice. Or something.

It can be a bit buggy here. Not sure if it's because of the chickens or the dog...fleas? I look the other way, neglect, ignore or habituate to the grime. I'm just here on vacation, after all.


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