Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Haiti Works.  Indeed.

This countryside, this part of Haiti at least, the mountains, have been where maroons, and descendants of maroons, ran to, quitting the plantations before - and after - 1804. It was, and still is, harsh life.

And yet, today, the countryside in Haiti will not rise up for change, as did many countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Why not?

For one thing, folks are way too busy to have any "leisure time" to rebel or join forces. For that, you have to be in the city, where folks are better fed. Why?

'Cause the city's where the food is, where the options - if not opportunities - are. options, chances - you can take your chances. Every day is a risky business but in the city you can carry water for someone, you can shine shoes, be a peddler, you can empty the slop jar you can be a bodyguard or threaten someone so's they'll hire you to be their "Security"!

In the city, chances can be taken. In the countryside, there's no time for that. You plant, you sekle can lend a hand?

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