Sunday, November 2, 2014

Suddenly last summer

Some illustrations of the work in Haiti, summer 2014.
The water project - finished! Solar powered pumps get the water up from 500 feet down and closer to settlements.  Here, Samwel shows California how to do it.  Note he has shampooed his har - and now he gets water one ti godet ala fwa --- one cup at a time! - to rinse... 

 Dads and daughters learn to read.

 Gran Dodo with Martina

Ti Gideon, called Djonny...Born at the start of Gaza conflict and named for the first fallen Israeli soldier.

 Gran Maman Nelis takes a turn

 Fresh pounded grounds!

 Me? I'm taking it easy perched on our reservoir.

Measure for measure.  Learning.

 Marie-Anje and Martina Gabrielle get it done.

 Astounding, for Minooche and her audience.

 After hopscotch, the smiling winner

 Young Haitian people of the book

 A game of war!  And counting practice...

Melianis pounds coffee under Gran Manman Nelis'watchful eyes.

 The road to the mountain top!

 Toma and son Ti Jordy
 Toma explains


 The Dads get into the game too.

One of our Early Childhood programs, Crazy Eights, was a huge success!
Explanations in Creole, and an English lesson, piggy-backed on a game

 The new bathing place, established by the water project,
Early childhood education:  Lesson 1, If you want to eat, you must work

 This family has plenty of food for the new babies, as recently married daughters' have responsible husbands.
Gran Dodo and Martina share snack

Measure for measure

Putting school lessons to use!

            So, after this summer, Zanda wants to be an engineer. She is tops in her class, highest exam score in the region.

 Getting data for IEEE Global Humanitarian Conference - we presented in October, 2014

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