Friday, August 20, 2010

SEW WHAT: A Haitian Community Starts a Sweatshop Boutik

CHALLENGE: Are you tired of see all the sadness and depressing conditions that pervade Haiti, or at least most medias take on it? Well, step back and have a look at some positive, uh, threads...

Collaborate with Mon Bouton and La Tournelle, in the mountains above the plain of Leogane, to move mountains!

People here have skills - and wish to develop them further - in machine sewing, hand sewing and embroidery. They are ready to assemble school uniforms, T-shirts, and embroidered dress such as you will see in the video clip, just 4 minutes, below.

Can a new "Sweatshop Boutik" small-scale factory in the mountains of Haiti succeed? Come on, if we can put a man on the moon, and a stem cell in a mouse, can we work together with this mountain community, support their efforts here?

Write your comments, place an order!

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