Monday, August 2, 2010

TAP TAP RIDE: Jistis Kraze. Broken Justice, Fallen justice.

We pass the National Palace. Tout kraze.
Now, here is, or was, the Ministry of Jistis – Justice.

The woman next to me points out, says, “Jistis kraze.” Justice is fallen/broken down. “Yo vann li. Yo vann jistis.” They sell it. They sell justice.

“Jistis kraze.” Justice is fallen, broke down.

Next, the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
She tells me, “Ekonomi kraze.” “Finans kraze.”

She is smirking. So, Toma and I, we start giggling. Across from me, fellow in a suit and tie starts to laugh, really laugh.
Soon the 10 or 12 of us laugh, some with tears, all crammed slammed next to one another like it or not into the tap tap, bouncing uncomfortably, dustily, jiggling along all together, and now we are all cracking up.

And for a moment, all of us, blan, Haitian, students, workers, suited or in baggies, citified or rural hick, we are together and laughing in the tap tap steaming on the broken streets of our fallen city.

This – all this – cost me less than a dime, one thin dime.

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